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Build strong, beautiful skin

Feeling good in your skin means, above all, feeling that your skin is soft, supple and bursting with vitality and well-being.

At a cellular level this means an optimized environment that guarantees cellular cohesion and dynamic exchanges between the cells.

Comprising up to 40% of the epidermis’ intercorneocytar environment, ceramides have an essential role to play.

Regenerate and restructure

In the epidermis, ceramides are intimately linked to the barrier function and are essential in hydrating and protecting the skin. However, with age, these natural ceramide stores are gradually depleted.

The phytoceramides in Lipowheat™ restore these precious Ceramide resources.
In the dermis, Lipowheat™ stimulates cellular activity and promotes the synthesis of collagen.  This dual action unleashed by Lipowheat™ helps protect the skin and reduce the signs of aging.  

Epis de blé jaune dans les bras d'une femme - Lipowheat™
Grains de millet (Panicum miliaceum L.), céramides végétales et phyto-céramides - Lipowheat™

Find inspiration in nature: replenishing your phytoceramide supply 

To rebuild the skin’s ceramide resources, Robertet has developed a bold biomimetic strategy that draws on wheat, an ancient grain pivotal in the origins of humanity.

Wheat grains contain vegetal ceramides – phytoceramides – deep in the plant’s nutritive reserves. Extracted from this life-giving matter, Lipowheat™ replenishes the skin with biomimetic ceramides, stimulating their natural synthesis.

This in turn enables the skin to optimize its barrier function, enhancing hydration and protection. 

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