Nutricosmetics are shaking up women’s beauty routines across the world. At the crossroads between nutrition and cosmetics, these natural ingredients are creating new, intuitive self-care rituals that empower women to achieve beauty skin.

Jeune femme rousse à la peau éclatante tenant une gélule rouge de phytocéramides l Lipowheat™

Food supplements

Capsules and tablets

Popular in Japan for more than 20 years, nutricosmetic capsules are a proven beauty solution.

1 capsule of Lipowheat™ a day keeps the skin hydrated and radiant.

Used in our clinical studies, these soft capsules are perfectly adapted to lipid ingredients and guarantee optimized bioavailability.

Beauty Drinks

Nomadic drinks are the new beauty gesture to savor wherever you are.

Lipowheat™ effortlessly adapts to lives of active women across the globe.

Combining expertise within the Health & Beauty and Flavors divisions, Robertet helps clients develop the perfect synergy between active ingredients and natural flavors.

Jeune femme blonde dans sa cuisine buvant une boisson beauté - Lipowheat™
Jeune femme africaine à la peau lisse et aux cheveux frisés - Lipowheat™


Cosmetics formulated with Lipowheat™ leave the skin feeling radiant and youthful.

Ingestible and topical applications of Lipowheat™ offer unlimited possibilities to meet women’s evolving needs and expectations.

15 years of research, 6 clinical studies and
4 scientific publications have
proven the efficacy of Lipowheat™