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Viewing the skin as a complete ecosystem, Robertet Health & Beauty has developed a holistic approach to its ingredients.


Lipowheat™ has been studied from different angles to better understand its properties and pathways.


Based on more than 15 years of research and new discoveries about the skin, Lipowheat™ is the source of phytoceramides that has generated the most scientific studies.  


Beyond the science-based benefits of Lipowheat™, it also delivers an experiental product that consumers can see and feel.

6 clinical studies

350 mg

215 women

Lipowheat is the most studied source of phytoceramides in the world

Graphique et courbes sur l'évolution de l'hydration sur la peau l Lipowheat™

Hydration & comfort

Double blind randomized clinical study versus placebo, 350mg of Lipowheat/day, 64 women, 20 weeks

Fast results

Hydration significantly increased from week 4

Lasting effect

8 weeks after stopping the supplement, the hydrating effects of Lipowheat™ were maintained

Softer skin

Feelings of discomfort and tightness were significantly reduced – women reported their skin soothed and comforted.

microscope collagène - Lipowheat™

Increase of the density of collagen in the dermis for a plumped skin

Collagen density increased by +50% after 12 weeks

The density of the dermis increased for 100% of volunteers

Photo femme ridée - Lipowheat™

Less visible wrinkles

Double blind randomized clinical study versus placebo, 350mg of Lipowheat/day, 64 women, 20 weeks

A visible benefit

The appearance of wrinkles was reduced after 8 weeks

After supplementation, 88% of women testify to a reduction of wrinkles

White and pink graphic - post supplementation - Lipowheat™

Lasting effect  

8 weeks after stopping the supplement, the wrinkle-reducing effect of Lipowheat™ was still visible

Photo microscope diminution de la profondeur des rides avec Lipowheat™

Reduced wrinkles

Clinical study, 350mg of Lipowheat/day, 30 women, 12 weeks

After 12 weeks, Lipowheat™ significantly reduced the depth of the wrinkles

Avant / Après l'utilisation de Lipowheat

Radiant, luminous complexion

Double blind randomized clinical study versus placebo, 350mg ofLipowheat/day, 64 women, 20 weeks

Hydrated skin looks healthier and more radiant with a more uniform complexion

3 out 4 women felt their skin was more radiant after taking the supplement for 12 weeks

The results of the studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals

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A. Djedour et al, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2005

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