The Skin

My Skin, my health

The skin is a major organ. It acts as a protective barrier against exterior threats such as the sun, wind and cold. The skin is also a complex system which plays an essential role in immune protection. Good skin is a sign of good health.

My Skin, my story

Skin is a legacy! It shows our roots, our personal history and our way of life. It is also a mirror which reflects the internal balance of the body and health. Dry skin feels tight and itchy. Having lost its suppleness and smoothness, it becomes uncomfortable and rough. Dry skin which is reactive and sensitive can result in rashes, wrinkles and lines. This renders the skin and complexion dull.

Dry and wrinkly skin: the “phytoceramide” solution

Our skin is composed of more than 20% water. This water is essential for the beauty and health of the skin. Abnormal evaporation of this water creates an imbalance and the skin becomes dry and develops wrinkles more easily.

It is a lack of ceramides, naturally present in the skin, which explains this abnormal evaporation of water and consequently the dryness of the skin.

Lipowheat™ brings phytoceramides which contribute to the reestablishment of the natural balance of the skin. The skin is hydrated and healthy.

Lipowheat™ restores the skin protecting barrier and locks in moisture, resulting in hydrated and glowing skin.

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